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I am a freelance developer with five years of experience in frontend development and about a year developing Single Page Applications with AngularJS.

I have done everything from designing and implementing Responsive Websites (custom CSS and Bootstrap), implementing wireframes (custom HTML5 to Angular), developing complex D3 dashboards to developing Single Page Applications with AngularJs. In addition to my freelance work I am a civic tech and open data enthusiast. I am constantly experimenting with new frontend frameworks and I am excited to try Polymer and ReactJS.

I am actively seeking freelance opportunities in web(browser)-based Data Visualization, Interactive storytelling and the Frontend Application Development.

{ Projects }

Work & Experiments

SF Campaign Finance Data Visualziation

An application to display Data Visualization for Campaign Finance Data for 2014 San Francisco Elections. This is an AngularJs Application, with D3 visualizations

Frontend for Employii.com

An Angular Js Application integrated with a Rest API for a Small Business Employee Management Tool

Funding Visualization for Votetocracy.com (Live version is behind a paywall, this is the fully functioning development version.)

This is a fully responsive visualization built with d3.js. It is a custom visualization that cycles through multiple different views.

Chamber Visualization for Votetocracy.com (Live version is behind a paywall, this is the fully functioning development version.)

A custom visualization to display voting data for Senators and Representatives, to be displayed as a chamber. Built with d3.js and is fully responsive.

An Interactive Data Journalism Project on Jobs and Wages

Built with d3.js and mapbox.js, this feature combines data from BLS and MIT to create an intreactive feature looking into the types of jobs available in the Bay Area.

Inequality Visualization

Attempt at a visual metaphor. I tried to create a dynamic visual metaphor to explain the concepts concerning the origins of inequality, as explained in the book "Why Nations Fail." Built with d3.js and box2D.js

{ Frontend }



  1. Angular.js
  2. D3.js
  3. jQuery
  4. Node.js
  5. MongoDB
  6. Mapbox.js/Leaflet.js
  7. Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  8. Responsive Design
  9. Twitter Bootstrap


  1. Data Munging with Python and Postgres
  2. Wordpress Theme Development

{ Education }

Degree and Courses

  • University of Oregon - B.S in Journalism 2001
  • City College of San Francisco - Web Design/Web Development Courses 2009
  • Stanford University (Continuing Studies) - Science Writing Course 2010 with Jim Gorman (New York Times - Science Reporter/Science Times Editor)

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